1825 E Carson St Pittsburgh PA 15203

Welcome to Carmi Soul Food the best Soul Food in Pittsburgh

BRUNCH 11-3 Saturday

It's not Breakfast, It's not Lunch. it's just better

brunch menu



Western    8 

Spinach & Feta    10 

Cheese     8 

Bacon or Sausage    10


with a biscuit & Bacon or Sausage    10

with Fried Cat Fish & a biscuit    12

with Steak & a biscuit    16  


with Wings    11 

with Eggs & Bacon or Sausage    12 

with Cheddar Grits & Bacon or Sausage    12


Fried Breast & Wing with Beans and Rice & Greens    15

Chicken Fillet with Gravy with Pasta Salad & Greens    13

From the Sea

Shrimp & Grits    13 

Fried Cat Fish with Beans and Rice & Pasta Salad    15

Salmon (Blackened or Grilled) with Pasta Salad & Greens     16



Garden Salad    7

Grilled Chicken Salad    12

Steak Salad    14

Blackened Salmon Salad    14

Brunch Specialties

Snow Crab Clusters 1/2 lb In Carmi Buttery Mix 15

Big Ole Home made Biscuits 3 for 5

served with House made Honey Butter

Fried Green Tomatoes 8

served with a side of Carmi House made Roumalade

Soulmosa or Bloody Mary Pitchers 15

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Lobster Mac 10

5 cheese mac    5

substitute a side   2